Monday, November 1, 2010

The Key to Success

I have a rebellious spirit about me; there's no question, but on the other hand, I also am able to exercise a lot of self-control.  I don't tend to follow the pack.  I think it's in my blood.  My dad's side of the family are like that.  If you know the family I was raised in, I think you'd agree that we all got a substantial portion of my dad's genes.  If you know the family I'm currently raising, you might also agree that my kids have inherited a large portion from me.

One thing I do rebel against is going to bed.  I am not a night owl.  I accepted that years ago, but for some reason, I refuse to give in when I get tired.  I have what I call One-More-Thing syndrome.  I know I can get that one more task done before it gets too much later.  I KNOW it!  Every night I know it.  I expect that time is going to stand still for me while I do it too.  Someday....

Last night, I decided that my rebellion does me no good.  It's not beneficial in any way, so I decided to obey what I already know to be good for me and went to bed.  It was 9:30.  Ahhh!  It felt so good!

I woke this morning with more than eight hours of sleep to my credit.  I woke to my alarm and couldn't complain about anything.  I got up and got moving.  I woke the kids in time to get up and get ready so the morning ran oh so smoothly.  It was just heavenly!

Things have really fallen into place today.  I'm realizing that there really is only one person who can take care of me, and that's me.  I'm the only one who can make the decisions that are going to benefit me the most and lead to me being happy.  That happiness seems to work like the gears in a clock.  It touches everyone who lives with me.  They all seemed happier this morning too.

I've also been tracking my Weight Watchers points this morning.  November is my month.  I'm going to get back on track and take care of me the best I can.

I also got two lessons done for school.  The shocker...I actually understood what I was studying!  I know, I can't believe it either.  Maybe it all comes back to having a decent night's rest.

Well, I'm off.  Gotta go get some kids from school.  High school soccer is now over, so my big kids'll be home too.  YAY!!!  This day is just gonna get better and better!


Alyson said...

Good luck with all of it! Especially with getting to bed tonight at a great time.

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