Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 19- Nicknames I Have and Why I Have Them

Oh where to begin...

Jolie Rufus

I must begin by saying that the important men in my life have never referred to me as "Julie."  To my dad, I have always been "Jolie," "Jole," "Jolie Rufus," or "Jolie Rufus Hamburger"--yes, you read that right.  Ugh!  Not sure why, but never in my life have I been anything but these things to him.

To the Warden, I am "Wo-man" or "Wife."

To my dearest, closest friends, I am "Jules."

To my mom, I was "Jule," "Dolly," "Sweetie," or "Julie-poofins"--now that you know that, you'll have to be shot.

In college, my friend Nate called me "JuJu."

My brothers call me "Jello," but they are "Dabu," "Gordo" or "Gordylocks" and "Mafoo" or "Matsoo," so it's all good.

There you have it.  I'm sure there have been others that have called me other things, but we'll leave those alone.  This is a "G"-rated blog.


Jen said...

Julie-poofins, I think you are the only person I have ever known with so many nicknames ;0). Although, it sounds like they are said with endearment! I have a nickname for myself and that is "wonder woman". Ha. I hope you had a great New Years! We sure did. BTW, I changed the domain name on my blog, so I can now be found at I hope to see you around!

vaxhacker said...

You know what's weird, though? I tend to feel uncomfortable using nicknames of people I become friends with after those nicknames were established, unless I'm around them in a group where the use of that nickname is commonly thrown around.

For some reason I feel it's presumptuous of me to assume I have the right to use that nickname, like it implies a level of friendship not offered yet or something... which I guess is strange since people don't usually expressly say things like "You can call me <nickname> now".

Weird? Or does everyone feel like that?

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