Friday, August 8, 2008

007 Continues

Have you seen either of these men? Have they been to your house selling house cleaning supplies? They have moved on from Portland and are now in the Seattle area, so if you live in Seattle or any of its suburbs, BEWARE!

Back on August 1st, I called and left a message with the company they work for (see "My 007 Moment" posting from Aug. 1st). Their customer service department sent me these photos yesterday so that my children could identify which of them came to our door back on July 19th.

Today, I got another call from customer service asking me the specifics about my camera. They have it and are sending it express mail to me! It was left in the back of one of their company cars. Woohoo!!!


Carr Lot said...'ve now earned the right to introduce yourself as, "Hess, ....Julie Hess". LOL I'm so proud of my Aunt! Sigh.

vaxhacker said...

The dragnet closes a little... :) (cue the “bummmmmmm ba bum bump” music in the background...)

I think C. mailed you back about the pictures. Great to hear you're getting the camera back. I hope the pictures are still on it. Also, it turned out that I found my missing camera, so that's another disaster averted on this end, happily. Any word about your cell?

Christy said...

You are kidding, Julie! The camera is found? Dang you are one lucky detective :) Good work! What is the company going to do about these guys now? People are going to learn not to mess with Julie Hess! Hey that rhymes :)

meganconser said...

Yay! Congrats on your found camera!

CJ said...

It will be interesting to see what pictures are on it. Ah, the polizia may be interested, very interested. Great work, cuz!

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