Sunday, August 3, 2008

Things to Look Forward To

Ahhh. August. A new month and new things to look forward to. I just can't believe that school's just around the corner. We will have kids in elementary, middle and high school this year. I'm having a hard time grasping this idea. How come they keep getting older, and I'm not? Ha! Don't I wish?!

We've purchased a lot of the supplies. Target rarely has all that we need when August rolls around; must have something to do with having to buy 33+ glue sticks.
I always look forward to school clothes shopping, though. A couple weeks ago Quinlan and I took a stop in 20 Below at Cedar Hills Crossing. All the clothes there are less than $20 (thus the name). They have some very cute things. I look forward to going there again. As far as the other kids go, JC Penney or Kohl's will probably be the place. We might do Target, but their selection hasn't been all that great in the past. Anybody know of any other good places that aren't too expensive?
Another thing I'm looking forward to is finishing up my current class--Psych 320. I'm furiously working on preparing for a couple of exams and a paper before company comes. That leads to the thing I'm probably looking forward to the VERY most.
This Thursday, my very dear friend Rachel Bloxham and her two oldest daugthers (Haylee and Ciera) are flying in from Utah! I can't wait to see them. When Zan and I took our trip to Utah in March, we got to go to dinner with Rachel and her husband Paul. It was like they'd never moved away, but it just wasn't enough. She's been going to school too and is just finishing up a very tough class, so this will be her break. I feel very blessed that she would want to come stay in our home. It will be good motivation for me to finish my course and a nice reward for doing so too. I just can't wait to get caught up with Rachel. I just love her to pieces!
Another thing I'm very excited about I've mentioned in a previous post--the marriage of my niece, Brittany. She's getting married on August 15th in the Portland Temple to Danny Dalton. My sister-in-law, probably not remembering what a clutz I am, asked me to man the punch bowl at the reception. Ugh! No pressure there. But, growing up, my brother's dubbed me the "Spill of the Century." they even had a special theme song for me. I'll sing it for you sometime if you'd like. Hopefully we won't be in a carpeted area. I hope I don't make this a more memorable day than it should be.
As for the rest of the month of August, we'll see what lies ahead. Zan starts back in to work every day as of next week. During the summer, he works full time, but it's 4-10 hour days, so it's nice to have him home on Fridays. When he was a teacher he got all summer off; ahh, the good ol' days, but that was short lived (5 years), and he always found summer employment. As soon as he became an administrator, his contract started looking a bit different with full summers and a much kinder paycheck. I'm just glad I married a man who loves what he does. Sometimes I'm a bit jealous of the school I sometimes give the nickname "mistress," but all in all, it's great to be married to a man who comes home from work happy and feeling like he's made a difference.
With September, we'll start the birthday season for our family.


Rachel said...

You are so good to me! I can't wait to get there and have some time to hang out! I am so grateful that you want us to come stay with you!

vaxhacker said...

The Bloxhams are a great family, and definitely a loss for our ward when they moved away :(

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