Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Recent Happenings

So, I need to be in bed in three mintues. Think I can do it?

Rachel, Haylee and Ciera Bloxham arrived at our home last Thursday morning. They left at 3 this morning. It was great having them here. I realized how much I miss Rachel. We took the kids roller skating, to the mall, and did a bunch of other running around. I thought of her coming as a well needed break and vacation for her after finishing a couple really hard classes, but I didn't consider what a great reprieve it was going to be for me. It was sooo nice having her around to talk to and just hang around with.

After being spoiled with a pretty low-key summer schedule, these last two weeks have blasted me with things that have needed to be done. So far so good, but it seems like I'm always a step behind running to catch up. Seems like it's not going to slow down any time soon.

Week before last, I was put in charge of finding drivers and chaperones for our ward for youth conference. That all went really well due to some really great people in our ward. Zan and I chaperoned the dance Saturday night. I got to put a lei on each kid's neck when they arrived at the dance. It was fun to be the greeter. The dance took place outside in Pacific University's stadium. Very fun!

Last week, three of the kids had goalie camp every morning. Rachel and the girls arrived Thursday (as I said before). We had a potluck lunch at the neighborhood park for the Bloxham's on Friday, so they could get together with some of their old friends.

I prepared for my midterm, which I took on Thursday evening. I got an A-. I got my paper turned in at 12:30am on Saturday and ended up with an A on that. It really wasn't a very well-written thing, so that grade was a surprise.

I taught a joint lesson on Sunday on the topic, "Change of Heart." while I was preparing it, I happened to look at the calendar as I had to get an agenda ready for a presidency meeting and saw that I was the YW birthday treat person for the month--that day. Thank goodness for afternoon church. I made devil's food cake mix cookies with chocolate chips--they had one egg in them, which was all we had at the time.

This week, we had a blast with the Bloxham's and were sad to see them leave. Quinlan's had conditioning camp for soccer and will continue through Friday. All the kids are getting into the swing of soccer practices. I'm studying for my final, which I hope to take a week from Tuesday. For mutual, I'm preparing a "Life-Size Game of Life," which has to be done by next Wednesday.

Oh, I got my camera back. Actually, it's sitting on the desk at Zan's school. This is the guy. I now have his name, address, and phone number along with this stunning photo of the guy that stole it. He is now unemployed.

This has been such a funny turn of events. I'm a little shocked nad surprised at how much people are willing to expose of another's identity in a case like this.

Thank goodness he stole the cell phone, so I could track him down to get the camera back. I'll have to contact the Washington County Sheriff's department tomorrow to tell them the case is closed. Hee Hee.

The really sad and pathetic thing is that all I really want to do is read Breaking Dawn. It's sitting on my bedside table, collecting dust, with a bookmark in the middle of chapter two. Sigh.
Okay, so try 33 minutes. Off to bed.


Rachel said...

I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are to you guys for letting us stay with you this past week! I had more than a few sad moments yesterday as we made our way home. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends-- and if I could take you with me (Julie) I would in a heartbeat! I truly enjoyed all the talking and just being with you! It felt like I had never left. Hope you are being truthful about it being good for you too! Cause we might have to make a habit of this! LOL
Love you bunches!

vaxhacker said...

We did have one humorous moment in our house when I mentioned I ran into Rachel in the hall after church, and that Haylee and Ciera were here for a few days. K perked up with a level of interest I didn't know was there... apparently my eldest is still harboring something of a crush in Haylee's direction :)

And congrats for closing the Case of the Camera Culprit. Well done.

Rory Baxter said...

i am glad to hear I am not the only one that has a brain that still churns for hours after it is supposed to "shut off" - you are a great example and have given me great ideas of how to better spend those sleepless nights!
I am also glad to hear I am not the only one struggling with a little one. How old is Brevin now? I am looking forward to school starting and our family rule of no TV except for Friday nights. I may think about your ideas too. We havent had actual TV for years - just videos/DVD's - but sometimes that becomes a challenge too.
If you do get a chance to sit down with Breaking Dawn let me know what you think. I loved the "curve balls" and that every chapter left me hanging and dying to read more -I didnt love the extra not good language and overly descriptive segments included in the storyline.
Would love to hear your thoughts too.

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