Saturday, January 9, 2010


We were on the freeway right behind this accident.  It was interesting to watch the emergency vehicles enter the highway.  Craziness!  Even we pulled to the side and sat, a bunch of 30-somethings got out of their cars and started milling about and having a social hour.  An older-model, long-bodied Cadillac sat in the middle of everything.  The Cadillac's trunk suddenly popped open and the car started to back up toward the men in the street as the last fire truck eased its way past on the left right next to the cement barrier between the northbound and southbound sides.  An older man climbed out of the front of the Cadillac, said something to the milling people and climbed back into the car.  The next thing we knew, the bass was thumping.  The Cadillac trunk was providing entertainment for all of us in the cars behind.

WHAT?!  Up ahead of us sits every emergency vehicle in Columbia County....people are suffering.... and we are rocking out?  UhUh!


Nikia, May and da kids said...

Sounds a little hoodish to me = P


Lindsey said...

Uh...this is craziness!!
I would expect something like this from high school people but 30 somethings?? LOL!

Hesses Madhouse said...

After reading up on this accident today, it looks like this woman rode on the freeway going the wrong direction for more than two miles. People say she was aiming for cars. We had been at a family birthday party in Washougal and decided that even though he didn't seem to be home (after calling him) that we'd stop by my dad's house for a quick visit since we were in his neighborhood.

After reading the article today, I realize that we could have easily been in that accident had we not stopped at my dad's.

I'm so sad for these people who were involved and those who were probably very shaken from finding a car traveling toward them on the freeway. Very sad.

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