Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Projects on My Shoulders

I have some huge projects going on around here.  Here's what on my shoulders this week....

Scanning ancestor photos
Creating a budget for personal finance
Reading Wish by Alexandra Bullen
Writing assignments on censorship
Streamlining the game closet (a very scary place in this house)

I've been doing very little else.  I have a meeting at my house on Saturday to have the kids (age 8-11) from church over to plan a ward activity.  I also have a presidency meeting on Wednesday night.  Two friends just had babies, so there are blankets to make as well, but the kids'll jump in and do those without a problem.

Oh, and the engine light went on this morning as I was driving the carpool this morning.  Fun stuff!  So, I get to take the van in to get checked out--with two kids in tow.  I think I'll take the stroller and take a little walk with the kids.

For now, I just spent 20 minutes scanning and got much more done than I did yesterday.  I'm hoping to have this down to a science in the next few days.  I only have about seven photos left to scan from this particular book. 

Anybody have hints for me on the best way to scan documents?  Is it just better to photocopy them?  That'll be the next beast I conquer.

Next, I'm going up to tackle the closet for 10 minutes.  It's amazing what can be done in that short of time.  The other day, I emptied and organized two shelves.

After I'm done with that, I get to write a short paper for my lit class and do some more on the budgeting project for personal finance.  My goal is to read 50 pages a day from whatever book I'm reading for lit, so I'll squeeze those 50 in throughout the day as I'm waiting for the kids for the carpool, etc.

As for the house, well...it's definitely being neglected.  I didn't touch it yesterday except to pick up my own things and do the job that I'm assigned for this week.  #3 asked me why I was dressed so nicely today, and I told her I didn't have any jeans because I didn't do any laundry yesterday.  I think this was a real eye-opener for her.  I don't think she's ever seen me run out of clothes like she does when she doesn't do her laundry.

The Family Home Evening lesson last night was about everybody pulling their own weight around here.  They all committed to do better, and I have to say this morning was MUCH smoother than yesterday.

So, there you have it.  Will I be even crazier by the time I'm done with these things?  I think cutting them into baby steps helps a lot.  Now if I can just keep taking those steps without stopping--that'll be the trick.


Toni Moxley said...

Keep breathing Julie, you are an amazing woman who does A LOT! You amaze me and I love to hear about all the wonderful things that you do!

Lena Baron said...

I'm cheering for you! Can you hear me!?;) Well, I am:) Good Luck! That's a lot for sure!

singing/granny said...

I love reading your blog. It takes me back to the busy years of lots of kids and lots of responsibility. And you're tackling school too! You are amazing:) Just take time to smell the roses. It all goes so fast!!! I'm cheering for you from my side! Melody

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