Friday, April 9, 2010

An Amazing Life

I'm going prom dress shopping tomorrow.  We're going to Abby's Closet.

This is kind of cracking me up.  Q's friends'll be here at 6am, and we'll head out for a morning full of adventure. 

I'm just interesting life is.  Within the past year, I have given birth, been extremely sleep deprived because of a nursing baby and a teenage daughter.  I am experiencing everything from diapers to potty training to prom gowns.  Wow!  What a life!


Teresa Kline said...

have fun, I went with my girlfriend and her daughter a few weeks back..we had a blast!

enjoy *~*

Tonya said...

So cool Julie! I only hope it's still around when my girls are going to dances. What a cool, cool store...if you can call it that. I can't wait to see what Q and her friends find!

Quawana said...

Alice did Abby's last year and this year. It has been such a fun experience. My younger girls can't wait to go for their dresses! Hope Q had lots of fun and found her perfect dress!

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