Friday, May 15, 2009

It's All Happening at the Zoo

Yes folks, I do still have a camera (it's even the same one I got back from the guy who stole it and took it to California), and I do still know how to use it. Here's proof...

We, A, T and I, have been heading to the zoo a lot lately. We go at least two times a week. I just figured out that for our family to visit the zoo once, it would cost us $61.25. That includes parking. Yikes! A member ship for a year is $69 plus it acts as a pass to many other zoos around the country. We actually renewed this year for 13 months. I love that with this membership, we can go to the zoo any time we want to.

We also purchased an OMSI membership. We went there on Tuesday. For a child to get into OMSI, it's $9. INSANE! One trip to OMSI would cost our family $71 including parking. Membership for a year is $95. Again, this membership gets us into other museums in the United States. It's all just a pretty sweet deal.

Yesterday, knowing that A was going to be having a playdate with his buddies, T and I made plans to have some together time. So, of course, we headed to the zoo. T has simple tastes. He wanted to see the ducks. We only went to one area of the zoo--the "Great Northwest" area. I totally followed his lead and went at his pace.

We went to two areas with ducks and then turned around and returned to the first area again. Of course, we saw all kinds of things in between, but oh, the ducks. For some reason that's what thrills T. He just wanted to stand there and watch them.

As we were leaving, T wanted to see the train, so I took him across the parking lot to the World Forestry Center to see the old train that stands there. I love the simple joys of childhood. He was thrilled! He even got to touch it.

This morning, we woke to beautiful sunshine, so I couldn't stand to be home. We packed up, the two boys and I, and went again. Each time we go, we see a different area of the zoo. Today, we saw the chimps out eating their breakfast of bananas and apples out on their climbing structure. We also saw the elephants, penguins and a bunch of other animals.


Anonymous said...

cute pictures!!! i know that had to be a lot of fun having a Mother-Son fun/date day like that. he is a cutie pie!!!

Amy said...

HOw fun! We love the zoo, wished we lived close enough to one to go all the time.

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your comment. I relate. They (archeologists) will have a field day at my house. I don't understand it- my girls have a full play kitchen with old pots and pans and spice jars and tupperware galore outside. My stuff must be better i guess. Of course it is! That is why it's mine :)

Have a good weekend.

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