Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What to Do?

I joined a group called a few weeks ago. When I signed up, I kind of cheated, since I'm always induced, and changed the due date to my hoped for induction date (probably around July 3rd). They send me an email once a week to tell me how much longer I have. This is a good thing since I can't seem to remember on my own. Here's what today's email said:

"You've just entered the single-digit countdown (only nine more weeks to go!). Make a list of what you'd like to do in these final weeks: See the new Oscar-worthy movie, hear your favorite local band, have lunch with your BFF, go on a romantic date with your partner. Whatever it is, do it soon because baby is right around the corner!"

Hmm. That gives one pause to think. I have so many things I have to do, but I'd really like to do some fun things too. I'm seeming to forget that once she arrives we will be pretty much inseparable for awhile.

Here are the things I have to do:

  • get an Anne Frank costume for DJ's report at school.
  • finish L's blanket (just cutting the last stray pieces of yarn after securing them)
  • one last week of tutoring A for my Teaching Children to Read course
  • a final for this course
  • eight more chapters in my Family Processes class
  • two midterms and a final for that one
  • finish up the family reunion plans (just a matter of making sure everyone knows their assignments)
  • figuring out food with my mother-by-marriage for our August family reunion.
  • continual loads of laundry
  • finish cleaning out the garage
  • plant the garden (mostly oversee the fam as they do this)
  • get carpets cleaned
  • write a bunch of thank you notes
  • go get a boppy
  • find a basketball hoop for the backyard
  • finish reorganizing the file drawer
  • opt out of the fifth-grade party I so foolishly signed up to help for when I was much less pregnant.

Sounds like a lot, huh? These are just the most important ones. There are others that should probably be done--like painting the boys' room, so they don't have to live surrounded by pink any more; get Q's ladder done for her loft, but I'm going to leave that one to Z; and put the retaining wall up in the backyard (another honey-doer). The happy thing is that I think most of the baby stuff is done.

I'm really clueless as to this summertime baby thing. With what the weather's been like here, you'd think it was March instead of May, so maybe I'll be just fine. I'm assuming you don't swaddle a baby born in July, which has been common practice with all the other six, so do I even need receiving blankets? Just to be safe, I'm going to go get some onesies and sleepers, but even then, will she wear them?

Here's the craziest part of all, and it just seems crazier the closer we get to having her....My family reunion is three weeks after she's born in Seaside. The week after that is Z's family reunion in Idaho. I hope I'm not going to be grumpy the entire time. We'll see. I love both families, but to be honest, I tend to be a pleaser, and I hope I don't feel torn between the baby and the families because the baby's going to win every time. I hope no one takes it personally and gets offended, but she's coming first, and I think if anyone were to stand in my shoes they'd do the same.

So, tell me, if you were going to be having a baby in nine weeks, what would you do now? What would you do for yourself?


Unknown said...

Keep a few of your big items posted, and start directing your thoughts to your daily tasks, which include loving and preparing your current children. I had a fun night of bunco with some friends, went to a few lunches with closer friends, and just took it one day at a time. jer and I did get a date in the friday before. Let me know if we can put on a bunco night for you-- it is so much fun to play with girlfriends.

I have not had a summer baby, but I think the swaddling gives them comfort-- I would keep a few light weight stretchy blankets. I always wanted a summber baby so they could just hang out in thier onsies or diapers and I could just adore their little bodies. I will still be able to do that, and my baby will be very chubby by the time the heat shows up!

As far as your family reunions, I would either not go(because I am a brat that way), or make sure you have a good bubble of support. Ask your husband, or have your doctor tell your husband, he is to run all interferance. If you feel like its too much, he needs to step in and put you in the bubble. Your sanity is as important as the babies health. And remember, this is the only time you will have your baby this small... so that will help you focus on her and not so much the extended family.

I can't wait to meet her! It feels like not too long ago I had 9 weeks left and you were barely pooching! I love you Julie!

Darilyn said...

Just take it one day at a time and don't get down on yourself for what does not get done. Because it will not all get done. What fun you have ahead of you!!

Christy said...

We swaddled Jonathan and he was born mid July. Megan is right, it's all about the comfort. He did just live in onsies for most of the summer. As for what I'd be doing right now, I'd be trying to sleep any chance I got :) HAHA, I know how well that works with other kids in the house!

Anonymous said...

Jo T here:
I'd call my sister-friends / VT's and ask if they'd love to come have a painting party at the house and bid the pink in the boys room goodbye. Due to fumes, your job would be to make them lunch! The boys will feel so special during a very "Baby focused time" and painting a room is usually so energizing. A big change with little money-effort. Choose your helpers with love. Heck, I know some Monmouthites that'd probably drive up for the privilege.

Put up a "wanted" list on Craigs freebies or You'd be surprised how fast folks respond and are willin gto share, deliver, set-up etc....

I'm right behind you on the waiting game. Got told I have diabetes...and I am hoping it is contained to pregnancy, as my maternal side runs rampant with diabetes....If you don't get it in my family, buy a lottery ticket, as you'll be sure to enjoy some winnings (aka...same odds).

Anonymous said...

Freecycle was directed to needing a bball hoop in the backyard...brain all too common ocurrence these days. :o)

Cally said...

I have a carpet shampooer that you are more than welcome to borrow. It isn't professional I know but it is free and it works great.
You are in our thoughts and prays if you need anything let us know.

Cally and Noel

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