Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Young Womanhood Recognition and the Wax Museum

Tonight was Young Womanhood Recognition night. The once a year celebration of the girls and leaders who have accomplished all of their goals in the Personal Progress program. Honestly, until it was time to go, I didn't even consider attending. It's for girls and their parents, but Q got hers last year, so I thought I'd just stay home. As time got closer, I realized that these were my girls getting their awards, and I'd better get there to support them and let them know that I still love them even if I'm not with them twice a week any more.

It was so great to sit amongst that group of young women. They are amazing people.

Q had been asked to lead the music. She did a great job. As I sat there watching her, I realized how grown up she is now. What a wonderful young lady she is. I am awestruck that she's mine. How'd I get so blessed? It's also hard to believe that she'll only be with us for another three years and then she'll be gone. Wait! I can't think about that. I will miss her too much.

Then there's DJ who will enter YW in September. Strange to think with all the looking up to Q that DJ has done, their younger sister will only be six or seven when DJ's gone from the house. Who will Lachlan look up to?

I took DJ to get a costume for her "wax museum" project that she's doing tomorrow. She's portraying Anne Frank. Goodwill had just what she needed--photos to follow--white blouse with a Peter Pan collar, plaid skirt, cardigan, and loafers. She shared her oral presentation with me on the way home. It will be so fun to watch tomorrow. I guess she's just one of four Anne's that will be there and is quite disappointed that she doesn't have dark hair for the occassion. Such a funny girl, that one.


Devri said...

make sure you take lots of photos to share!

Alyson said...

My elder sisters are 6, 14, and 18 years older than I am. I have a very close relationship with my sister 14 years older. She got married when I was about 7, but I regularly went for sleepovers at her house, and before she had children she did things with my my own mother really didn't—bake cookies, go to the zoo, listen to cool music... After she had kids, which was pretty quick, I adopted them as my own little brothers and sisters, and I'm still way closer to most of my nieces and nephews than the traditional aunt-niecephew relationship.

Lachlan will still have lots and plenty to look up to, and you'll be amazed how precious her relationship with her quite-a-bit-older sisters is. :)

Grace said...

it was great to sit there and feel these young women and their sense of accomplishment as well as feel for those who haven't yet achieved their goals all the way. It was a good night all in all

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