Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just Stuff

Went and took my midterm and final today. The final was only twenty questions and SUPER easy. I couldn't believe it. Altogether, it took about half an hour to take both tests.

I went to JoAnn's and bought some fabric to make a nursing cover up. They sell for $35-40, so I decided I'd make my own. I found a pattern online and bought my fabric and other supplies (with a JoAnn's 40% off coupon) for less than $6.

We're heading to the beach tomorrow evening after Z gets off work, so I figure over the weekend I'll get some more studying done now that I'm down to one class and get my nursing cover project done. They say it takes 30-45 minutes to make. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

I also took Q and one of her friends swimming suit shopping today. How FRUSTRATING! You can't find a decent one-piece swimming suit anywhere around here. So, that wil be another thing to do this weekend. Hopefully there will be some down at the coast. My kids are suddenly outgrowing everything, so we will be looking for more than just swimsuits--thankfully.


Alyson said...

I made some nursing shirts I loved from patterns I found here, if you're into sewing and nursing clothing:

Christy said...

Have you tried the swim shop over by the Trader Joes in the Beaverton Town Square? Took Elizabeth there so was only looking for little girl suits but it seemed they had some decent ones in all sizes. It is very frustrating when you can't find anything modest!!

Darilyn said...

SWimsuits? it's the only place to go. trendy, modest and they have one pieces.

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