Friday, May 15, 2009

Yay! Weight Watchers!

No, I'm not doing Weight Watchers as a pregnant woman; although, I am one of those who think it would be a great thing--just add a number of daily points for the baby, and you've got it made. It's not a diet afterall, it's just a different way of thinking about what you take into your body everyday.

Well, although I am not doing Weight Watchers, I finally talked the man in my life into it. He's doing the men's version online--no meetings. There were three hang-ups for him. One was that everybody would know what his weight was if he went to meetings (not true), but to him the thought of anybody knowing what his weight was was absolutely mortifying (can't say as I blame him). Second was that he thinks the meetings are for women. Third hang up was the it costs money. We overcame the first two by doing it online, and the third one still holds true, but it's much cheaper online and once he's met his goal, he won't have to pay any more.

So, I'm acting as his counselor. At least that's what I told him I would do, but three days into this, he's pretty much doing it all on his own. He did call me about fifteen minutes ago saying, "Can I tell you what I ate today?" He wanted me to list it on the points tracker. He's totally into this. Yay!!! He also asked me to sit down with him last night and help him get food listed. They say one of the best things you can do to lose weight is journal it.

I have one more YAY thing about Weight Watchers. I remember the renewed feeling it gave me. I had gained control of a part of my life that I never thought I would control again. It empowered me. That's how Z seems to be at this point. When he called me a bit ago, he also asked me if I wanted to go out tonight. I don't remember the last time he wanted to go out. It's always been me needing to get away with him.

He just seems happier. Does that have anything to do with Weight Watchers, I don't know, but that's the only thing that's changed in the last little bit. I'm so happy for him, and I'm happy and hopeful that we'll get to keep him around for a whole lot of years.
Maybe, if he'll allow me, I'll post a few pics, so you can see the metamorphosis, but at this point, I think I'm just fortunate that he allowed me to blog about this much. So, we'll see.


Devri said...

I think that is great.. I accidently bought my hubby rice pudding that was diet.. oops!!

he asked me if I thought he needed to go on a diet.. I laughed..

I am the one who needs the diet!!

want to be my cyber trainer too?

Crazymamaof6 said...

hmm! that is awesome for him! this makes me think i should do this , online. not like i'm not online all day?

very COOL!

thanks for sharing! hope he does awesome!

and enjoy your date tonight! YAY!

CB said...

I think it works better if you are working on losing weight as a team. You're his cheerleader too.

Love the picture - so funny!

vaxhacker said...

Yay for Z! I understand his trepidation but I can honestly say this last year on Weight Watchers has been life-changing. Of course, now I have to go buy all new clothes... grumble, grumble... but I just might have a few more years of life to wear them.

Keep it up, Z!

Unknown said...

Ugh- I am so discouraged Julie about WW. I am happy for Zan, and think its great for you WW is alive and well in your home while you are on your break. I did really really good after the baby- but now its coming back on in a major way. All these numbers I saw on their way down thinking I would NEVER get back to them are here. And it doesn't help my body shape has actually changed and my tummy is no where near where it was before. And I know I can go back and simply join up again but would like to be lower to my two pound tolerance so I don't have to pay. Do I really have to fork money out to acheive my goal? Ugh! Anyway.. thanks for the vent...

Anonymous said...

congrats!! That is wonderful for you and Z.

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