Monday, May 5, 2008

I'd Love Your Ideas!!

I'm trying to organize life here. The kids rooms are all clean and organized as is my own, so that's a real plus. That has gotten done in the past couple weeks.

But, I still have a garage that needs cleaning out, textbook reading and school assignments due, emegency preparedness stuff that needs to be put in order, a learning to read book hat I'm doing with Aedan. I have photos to scan for my dad and for Christmas presents. I'm wanting to continue blogging here and on the Book of Mormon site as well as keep up with my own site. I'm also trying to keep track of what we eat and exercise more.

These things are joined by everything that needs to be done daily--making sure the kids are happy, cleaning, dishes, laundry, cooking and so many other things.

This all brings Elder Oaks' talk about "Good, Better, Best" to mind, but I'm just not sure how to implement it and still feel like I'm accomplishing all that I want to. Being such an all or nothing kind of person, I want to do it all now. At this point, I'm working with Excel and making a spreadsheet and cutting it down into smaller bites. Then I just need to make sure and do the plan.

I know so many people who just have it so together, or at least they seem to. Do you have any tricks that make all that you do more doable? What motivates you to do it? Please share. I'd love to be able to learn from you.


Unknown said...

First of all, Miss Julie, you are someon who seems to me to "have it so together", so if you feel you don't, those you think do, probably don't either-- right?

Balancing is a tough act, a constant act, one we will alwyas work to perfect, and I personally never will. I feel like there are several things in my daily life that must get done each day(laundry, kitchen, you know the daily stuff), and then the bigger things I get to weekly(planning meals, chores, etc), monthly(cleaning out the fridge, my closet). I unfortunately put the things I love, the scrapbooking and decorating at the end of the list and rarely get to it. And things I don't love, such as exercise get left off more often than not(I know, shame shame shame). I also know I have poor habits-- too much TV, too much time on the computer looking up and doing things that are not super productive. I look forward to when shows are over on TV and find I get a burst of energy to get back to productive life, maybe I over-do it and need a break the time the shows start up again? I also do burn out on the computer stuff and instead of saying I need to organize my computer room, it does get done once in a while.

I think the key is to make sure you have a happy running home: you are providing the basic needs for you family as well as yourself(this includes mental health), you work the bigger stuff in when you have the energy and the sudden time OR urgency for it. Plus don't be afraid to ask for help, what better way to get your kids or friends involved(I would love to help with a photo project!!!!). And lastly, just go with the flow and enjoy your life. That is what I think of when I think of you- a women who enjoys her family. You may never get it all done, but you will have fun along the way, at least I plan to!

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