Saturday, May 17, 2008


We had our last soccer games of the season today. Gannon's team won. It was a great victory. It was fun to watch Gannon's reaction to other team members' goals. He'd run across the field from wherever he was and chest bump whoever had just scored. I loved the morale it built. Throughout the season, there was one team member who continually criticized his teammates. Gannon would come home from practices very discouraged, so I love how he helped overcome this negative influence with his positive actions today.

Zan and I went out tonight. We went and saw "Prince Caspian." It was a good show. Quinlan saw it last night and said how much she loved it. Zan and I went to Stanford's for dinner after the movie. I had the salmon. I only at a small portion of it and brought the rest home.

I went to Weight Watchers first thing this morning. I lost another two pounds, so they gave me a little star sticker with a five on it, to represent me losing my first five pounds. With that five pounds, I went down into the next bracket down for points. It took me from 22 points a day to 19. This was a bit discouraging to me. I was so cautious at dinner that, like I said, I only ate a small portion, but when I got home and figured it out, I still had five points left for the day. I found out that, all things considered, I could have eaten the entire meal and been just fine. Maybe I don't have that much reason to be discouraged. I just wonder how many points I'll be down to once I get near my goal.


Tonya said...

Good job losing 5 lbs! I didn't know they took your points down once you lost weight. That does seem discouraging, but obviously it is working. You are one hot momma!

Unknown said...

Cool! I do WW too-- reached my goal about three weeks ago! Took me about a year and half... I panicked when I dropped points, but you will adjust, and once you hit goal you get to add 4 points a day back so you can maintain and stop loosing. What meeting do you go to?

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