Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What Makes Your Mom Special? Ugh!

I taught preschool today. We are preparing for a Mother's Day celebration tomorrow. In anticipation of this, we are making a book to read to the mom's when they come to celebrate with us. As I prepared the boys for the making of their pages, I asked them to think of something that makes their mom special--"maybe something she does for you."

I went around the circle and asked the boys for some examples. Nearly every boy said something about his mom making his bed for him or his mom cleaning his room. When I got to Aedan, he said, "She sets the timer for me."

No one but me knew what this meant.

The timer is set, so Aedan has a time limit in cleaning his room and making his bed. Yep. This makes me special.


Carr Lot said...

How cute is that?! Such an "awww.." moment. Thanks for sharing!

Allyson said...

haha that is so cute! i was helping out in the primary and was doing one of those " i love you because..." things for mothers day and this little girl was all " thanks for the new PJs for when we go camping" and thats all she wanted to say haha i thought it was funny, i hope you had a GREAT mothers day!

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