Thursday, May 1, 2008


Teagen started the day yesterday with a fever of 103.5. We tried a number of things to bring it down, but it never went fully down to normal.

He woke for scriptures and breakfast, which he didn't touch. As he sat at the table, I noticed how bad his eyes looked, took pity on him and put him back to bed at about 7:30am. Woke him to take Quinlan and Gannon to school. He was silent and unmoving in the car. I took him back in the house and put him to bed again. He slept forever. He wouldn't drink until Dierden got home from school and was making hot chocolate and was inspired to make some for Teagen too. He downed that in no time flat.

I woke to Teagen's cries four times last night. He's been pretty continuously fussy day and night. Very unusual for him. I've never had a really fussy child. I joke around that had I, I probably would have ended any thought of adding to our family any further. I figure Heavenly Father wanted us to have a big family because He never gave me any reason not too. Not in the form of unpleasant pregnancy or fussy, colicky baby or terrible twos. I admire those women who go through anything and everything to have and raise children. Zan used to say that I didn't really serve a mission because I didnt' have to sleep on the ground or under a mosquito net. I guess you can say the same about motherhood for me. Obviously, Heavenly Father knows me well and knows my limits. Can you say wimp? He's treated me well. I have no complaints. Boy am I going to be accountable someday!

We gave Quinlan a real-life educational experience today. Knowing it was going to be a rough night to go with the rough day that had just passed, before going to bed last night, I spoke with Zan about the chance of him taking the morning off to help oversee Teagen while I taught preschool just in case he awoke with the fever again. Zan said there was no way he could take the day off, but that maybe I could see if Quinlan would like to. Quinlan loves school, so I thought the chance was pretty slim on that. I asked her anyway, and she decided that was something she could do.

She was very helpful. Teagen slept for the first part of preschool, so Quinlan got into the act. It was great! I would honestly LOVE to homeschool my kids, but with a hubby that works for the public school system, what kind of message would that send. Anyway, as Quinlan read to the kids and interacted with them, I thought of what a great experience this was for her. I took her to school in time for lunch, math and science. She didn't complain in the slightest about going. Just whose kid is this? Man, any reason to miss school when I was her age, was greatly welcomed.

Teagen had no fever today, but he still doesn't look himself--hooded eyes and thick and unending amounts of saliva coming forth and down his chin. He's still really fussy and inconsolable , so he must be getting some major molars in. That's all I can think it is. I was glad that just the day before when I had taken Aedan in to see the doctor I had asked them to check Teagen's ears to see if his last ear infection had cleared up. It had, so I knew that wasn't what was plaguing him. I removed a saturated shirt from him this afternoon, and he took off. He followed the kids out to the backyard to play basketball. Dierden told me later that "Buddha boy" was out back--shirtless, so I sent a shirt out to Gannon to put on him. That's what these photos are. You can see that his eyes just aren't his usual.

Grocery shopping that was already half a week overdue. I finally buckled and shopped online at today. It's a bit more expensive than Winco (everyone is), but I started shopping with them when my leg was broken. They now send me postcards for free delivery from time to time. When I have one of those and life is chaotic enough, I buy from them. There was no other way to do it this week. The groceries arrived around 7:00 this evening. Yippee! I'm so grateful for this service.


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