Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Really Scary

I went to the US Bank drive through ATM on Monday morning to make a deposit after dropping middle schoolers off. As we drove around to the back of the bank, we noticed the armored truck there getting the money out of one of the ATMs. Whenever we see one of these, Aedan comments about the fact that the "worker guy" has a gun. This fascinates him as he, like every other boy, wants a job someday in which he can carry (and use) a gun. Where does this sick fascination come from?

Well, the conversation started as soon as he saw the guy.

A: "Mom, if Dad took some of that money, would that guy shoot him?"

J: "Probably."

The car at the other ATM pulls forward, and I pull into position to make my deposit.

A: "Mom. Be careful!"

J: "Why?"

A: "Because if that guy shoots you, it would be really scary."

J: "Mm hmm."

A: "Cuz if he shoots you, then I have to walk home...all by myself."

Needless to say, I was very careful. Heaven forbid my five-year-old sweetheart should have to walk home alone if I were slumped over in the car bleeding to death. Thankfully we made it through our deposit unscathed by the guy in the bulletproof vest.


Carr Lot said...

I love it! The poor little guy didn't want to walk home!! That is the cutest story I've heard in a while. Thanks for the smile. (I would've called 911 for you if you were slumped over and bleeding, just FYI) ; )

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