Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ross Identified

Went with a few of the Young Women tonight to see the Aloha High School band concert. We have two girls that play in band. It was very fun. I'm hopeful that Quinlan will be extra encouraged to band next year after tonight's experience.

On the way in, I asked one of the girls if Ross Barfuss' body had ever officially identified (see April 10th post "Ross?"). She said that the family had been contacted when the body washed up; they described the clothing they found on the body. At that point, the family had verified that those were his clothes.

Coincidentally, when I walked into the house tonight, Zan said, they've identified the body as Ross'. It was on KGW tonight. They had to wait for the DNA testing to be complete, which took nearly a month (his body was found on April 8th, exactly a month after the drowning).


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