Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Really Random

I really don't have much to report today, so I'm just going to blither here.

Met with Quinlan's teachers this afternoon. We missed the last conference we could have had because Zan and I were in Utah. They were nice enough to schedule time to be with us at the end of their day today. It was great to hear that Quinlan's doing a good job.

I spent the day cleaning house. Went back to a system I used when I had three little children. So far so good.

Tomorrow I have to go get my driver's license. I had to wait for my birth certificate to arrive. I went ahead and orderd Zan's and a wedding certificate at the same time, so we're all official. I've heard those are good things to have in your emergency supplies, so it's about time we got them. I honestly didn't know we didn't have copies of them. I ordered them yesterday; they arrived today. I didn't ask for them to be overnighted; that was just regular mail.

Stake Young Womanhood Recognition was tonight. Quinlan was recognized as were two of her good friends from another ward. They had a video presentation that was really nice. There were twenty girls recognized and two leaders.

Dinner was really good tonight. I tried a new recipe. Teagen had about five servings. I also made a new banana bread recipe. That was really good too.


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