Thursday, June 11, 2009

How'm I Gonna Know?

Woke to four contractions this morning one on top of another. Not even time to breathe in between. Finally got myself turned to the other side thinking that if I changed positions they'd stop. They did...for a minute...then I had another one. Got up and moved. They stopped, but they have returned from time to time this morning. I'll have a strong one and then a mild one--four of them in five minute patterns and then they stop. This pattern repeats about an hour later.

Here's my dilemma. Doctor has told me to get myself to the hospital if I have two contractions 10 minutes apart. We all know it's going to happen fast when it happens, but I'm a lot less paranoid than I have been in the past. I don't even have my bag packed.

The only thing that's got me a little nervous is the strep B thing. I should know better than to read up on stuff like that--scary. I have tested positive since child #4, and it's never been a problem because I have safely made it to induction day, and they have always given me antibiotics prior to the induction.

Here's my other problem. I have never gone into labor on my own. I don't know what non-pitocin induced contractions feel like. When do I know it's the real thing?


Crazymamaof6 said...

i always worry about that too. i've only every gone into labor once on my own.

good luck. when is your induction date?

mine started planning ahead, so i get the antibiotics in enough time.
if i ever have more though i get a scheduled C-section.WHOOHOO!

good luck!

Carr Lot said...

Both of my pregnancies happened all on their own - contractions just started happening REALLY frequently and they were WAY WAY painful - - once they got to every 5 minutes or so, I was off to the hospital. Honestly, it's mostly just a blur (Heavenly Father does that on purpose, right - that's why you're still doing this hehe) I just remember a lot of pain with the contractions - these were not braxton hicks, that's for sure. You're in our prayers everyday!! Love you! SEE you soon!!

Alyson said...

I'll tell you this, every time I've gone into labor on my own, every time. And every time I've still be snookered by pre-labor contractions. I'd time them, I'd think, "That was kind of strongish. Is this it?"


So you'll probably know—actual labor contractions are strong stuff. But you could be the exception to the rule, we always hear of those lucky chicas who pop their babies out and say, "That wasn't any worse than a twinge!" *shakes fist at lucky chicas*

Unknown said...

I wouldn't know.. wanted to know, but never found out. Although with Kathryn I was having contractions when I got in there for my induction- they said they were going to hook me up anyway. If I were you, I would pack your bag right now. Go in next time- maybe they will take you right then! ;o) Love you Julie- You are going to do great- again!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you lil' girl! Sooo exciting ~ sooo close. :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

I had the strep B thing for a couple of pregnancies and one went fast (fast as in it didn't take 24 hours like the others) and they managed only to get one dose of the antibiotics in before he was born-- and it was fine. My doctors assured me that by knowing I had it, they knew what to watch for in the baby.

Sit back and relax. Enjoy. If you've always had pitocin, going into labor on your own will be a pleasant surprise for you (starting gradual is MUCH nicer than jumping into the middle of labor).

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