Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank You for Your Patience

Only one more week of pregnant me, I promise. Then you'll get to get sick of me talking about the new baby. Oh, lucky you!

Went to the dr. today. She said everyhting is perfect for next Tuesday's induction. Yippee!!! This was not my usual doctor, but I really liked her. She talks fast like me and sits and listens intently to what you say and then encourages you to say more. She made me feel so much better about all the concerns I had since talking to that last insensitive doctor. I feel like I'm finally a bit more emotionally prepared.

I finished all the sewing/craft projects I had set goals to accomplish, so now I am scraping up more things to do and teach my kids to do. I had some yard left over from tying the silky/fuzzy blanket (which I LOVE, btw), so I decided to crochet a hat and booties. The yarn is very lightweight, so it'll be great for right now. Z's doing the tie dying tonight for FHE.

Q leaves for camp tomorrow. I will miss her. There is a woman going to camp, one of Q's best friends' moms, whose son is waiting a mission call. If he gets his call, she's going to zip home to see him open it. She said if Lachlan's arrival somehow coincided that she'd bring Q home to see her. Very nice of her. We'll see what happens.

So, just a question. As I drove to the dr. today, I nearly passed out in the car--sparkles in front of my eyes, hot flash, etc. It was super scary. Q was with me, so I'm sure she would've handled it all beautifully had it happened. There was nowhere for me to go, but thankfully the next stoplight changed just in time for me. Never have I been so grateful for a stoplight. Has anyone ever had that happen while pregnant before? If so, do you know what caused it? I told the dr., but she didn't have any really good answers for me. I don't want that to happen again, so I figure if I find the cause, I can also find the solution. I don't think I can go a week without driving--that's just how spoiled I am.


Alesha said...

I remembering that happening and I think it was just the heat and needed to drink more. Also the baby is pushing on a lot pressure points and veins and so if that is the problem then I am sure that the only thing that you could do is to have her.

Alyson said...

I've never experienced it, but I agree with Alesha—the solution is probably to have the baby. :)

Quawana said...

Julie I am glad the quilt frame worked for you! I would love to see a pic of your quilt. I agree with the first person that little Miss is pressing on so much it really could be about anything. I am sure your Q will have a great time at camp. I have listened to Alice talk nonstop for months about the plans for camp and it sounds so fun. Makes me wish I had grown up in the church so I could have gone to girls camp. hope your last week goes by fast and you are holding that little love soon.

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