Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today I am...

I just found this idea on my friend, Darilyn's blog. It was so simple yet said so much about her. Thought I'd give it a try.

FOR TODAY Saturday June 20th

Outside my window... The street light is illuminating the neighbor's trees. I'm just witing for the birds to start their daily singing. I love this new window just because of the birds.

I am thinking... of how to get this baby out of my belly and how wonderful it's going to be to hold her. T told me yesterday that he's going to hold her. I think he's understanding more than I give him credit for. Everyone's so excited around here.

I am thankful for... a patient husband who loves me and my children who have picked up sooo much slack these past nine months. They have really proven, even more than I thought possible, what amazing people they each are.

From the kitchen... I just grabbed an apple (a gala)--perfect firmness. I got it to kill my heartburn. Works like a charm. Wonder if Z was annoyed with the sound of my crunching it in bed. He didn't say anything--see, patient. I also, while I was down there, grabbed some very stinky dishrags. DJ's been in charge of the kitchen this week. She's a STAR! It gleams in there, but she must have been forgetting the rags. Ooops.

I am wearing... my black and white nightgown.

I am creating... all kinds of baby stuff. Today I'm going to work on the last project for Lachlan--the silky/fuzzy blanket, which I have already attempted twice and failed. Today I'm taking it from a new angle. Wish me luck.

I am going... to pick up Q at the church this afternoon and hug her to pieces. I've missed her so much!

I am reading... The Black Cauldron, Skinnybones, and Seven Sons and Seven Daughters with my kids. There's also an Andrew Clements book, but I can't remember it's name, and I'm not willing to turn on a light at this point to see it. I'm also working my way through Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon--a hard one for me to get through.

I am hoping... that this baby arrives safely and is healthy and that we both make it through the labor thing as easily as has been in the past.

I am hearing... Z breathing heavily next to me and nothing else--ahhh.

Around the house... everything is dark and quiet. Things are in some amount of order. The laundry is 99% done. My children and husband are sleeping peacefully.

One of my favorite things... is feeling the baby's kicks, but I don't think I'll miss it when it's gone.

A few plans for the weekend:
  • Wrapping Father's Day gifts.
  • Finishing up Father's Day plans with the kids.
  • Getting the house cleaned.
  • Picking up Q.
  • Folding laundry and getting it all put away.
  • Working on my last paper and getting it all turned in.
  • Working on Lachlan's blanket.
  • Having a baby--haha! Yah right.
  • Getting everybody ready for Sunday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...


Darilyn said...

Your picture thought is the best ever! And you never know, maybe you will be having a baby this weekend! By the way, Chris went with the Venture Crew on a 90 mile coast bike trip this week, that's why he's been gone. It's just me and Emma and Heidi!

Devri said...

love the thought photo! If you think it, it will come! (i wish)

hey, go enter to win a IPOD Touch on my blog! hurry! hugs

Jen {} said...

What a great way to document "you" today! Love the picture too! So precious.

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