Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today's Adventures

Yesterday we got a phone call from the missionaries that have been serving in our ward for the last number of months. It ends up that they've both been transferred. This is what happened when they arrived--both of our elders were being transferred. Quite the shake up. Usually they leave one and transfer a new one in, but we had no idea we'd be having sister missionaries here.

These two--Sister Miller and Sister Anderson--have been quite the team. We've grown to love them. They have been teaching one of Q's friends. We will miss them. The rumor is that we will have two new sisters here as of today.

Part of the reason they called is that they need a ride out to their transfer meeting in Lake Oswego late this morning and wanted to know if I'd take them. So, G and I are going to go do that. It'll be nice to spend some one on one with G today as I guess we drop them off around noon and the transfer meeting doesn't start until 1pm. We're going to go hang out on the temple grounds and take a stroll through Deseret Book. I think it'll be fun for G to see just what a transfer meeting's all about. I'm interested too. We always just got a phone call telling us where we were going and who our new companion would be. It'll be great to see some of the missionaries who've served in our ward in the past.

The real bummer about this transfer is that Sister Anderson and Sister Miller have a family that's getting baptized this Saturday. We ran into them last night, and it sounded like they were going to get to come back, so I hope that's true.


vaxhacker said...

We didn't even get a phone call. Our mission office sent out a monthly letter listing where all the missionaries were assigned as of that month. If your name wasn't where you were living now, you started packing and got on the train the following P-day. :)

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