Saturday, June 25, 2011

The First Day

I didn't write about the first day we spent in Spokane.

We arrived at 8:22am.  It was an hour long flight.

We went to breakfast near the airport and then drove off to the Hillyard part of Spokane to meet up with a Holz cousin at Holz Fuel, which we understood was still family owned.  We were correct.

With the Holz descendants at Holz Fuel in Hillyard.
Holz Fuel was started by my grandmother's oldest brother.  These are his grand, great grand and great-great grandchildren in the photo.

We met up with the Stegner's at my cousin Carol's R.V.  I knew each of their faces from photos I'd seen as a child.  Sometime I'm going to post the current face with the photo face.  It was pretty great to meet them and listen to their voices.

After visiting for a little while, we checked into our hotel.  Before this, we felt like we were running in circles, so we needed to get organized.  We then went to dinner with the Stegner cousins.

Stegner's at dinner on Monday night.


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