Saturday, June 11, 2011

One for the Money

One thing that comes along with this personal finance class is a section of optional readings.  I don't take these readings as "optional."  I figure if the professor felt them important enough to attach them to the course, then they're important enough to read.  So far, there's only been one I've skipped over, and that was the entire tax booket--all 270 pages of it.  No thank you.  Now watch, I've missed out on something really important, but I guess by not reading it, I'll never know.

Tonight, I'm reading this pamphlet:

I read it years ago and have used it for paying off debt.  It's wonderful.  I read it way back when we were going to college--pre-children.  Now I'm wondering why I have never read it again since that time.  There is so much GOOD STUFF for teaching kids about money in it.

If you're interested in reading it, here's a link.  This is going to be our Family Home Evening for this next Monday night and quite possibly for many Monday nights to come.


Can I also say that I learned tonight and love that Marvin J. Ashton's "J" stands for Jeremy.  How great is that?!  He was such a cute, white-haired man, but "Jeremy" just makes him that much more likeable in my book.


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