Saturday, June 11, 2011

Top Views for the Month

I love the widget that figures out which posts have been most read in the lifetime of my blog (over on the right hand sidebar), but there's also a way to see what's been most viewed for the month and even for the day.  Sometimes it really cracks me up what people are reading.  
When "The Fine Line" took over and knocked "Shaila's Mac and Cheese" out of the top five, I thought "What?!"  I couldn't even remember what it was about.  I'm thinking it must be linked up to someone's blog somewhere for some reason.  
It was just an off the cuff post; one of those, "Eh.  I guess I'll just vent and write whatever's on my mind today" kind of posts.  Surprising.  
So I wonder.  Are people reading it and saying, "Man!  This girl is a nutcase," or are they saying, "Oh yes, that's right on."

Here are the top five so far for the month of June and how many times they've been viewed:
May 21, 2011,
83 Pageviews
May 19, 2011, 
69 Pageviews
Apr 1, 2011, 
68 Pageviews
May 23, 2011, 
64 Pageviews
Jun 6, 2011, 
64 Pageviews


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