Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preparing for Summer

Yes, I am a task master during the summer. I do expect my children to keep their skills up, and you know what, they don't mind it. It keeps their skills sharp and gives some direction to their days then when they start school again, they don't have to back step to catch up with what they've already learned during that past school year.

The workbooks arrived today.  Our tradition has been to go out and buy workbooks the afternoon of the day school's out for summer vacation.  We usually troop ourselves right over to Barnes & Noble, but the oldest kids are now too old for workbooks.  Last year, I bought them the item on the left.  It never got used.  I was not on top of things this past summer.  This year's going to be different.

Doing this personal finance class, I was putting together the budget for the summer and found that buying four different workbooks (starting at $10 a piece) just wasn't going to fit into the old budget--not with all the activities we have planned, so I found a way around it.  When I went to Barnes and Noble online and looked up "Summer Bridge activities," there were used workbooks I could purchase for as low as $1.99 plus shipping--taking it to half price.  They're not the newest version of the books, but that's not the point.  To them, the information inside is new because they've moved to the next grade up.  Amazon has the same deal.  Only, I found books there for as low as .01.  Wish I would have looked there first.

I share this just in case there's anyone else in the same boat who's looking to save a few dollars and keep their kids' brains active during the vacation.

Three of the books arrived today.  Two of them are brand new.  #5's book has a little bit of writing in it in pencil, so it will be easily erased, and it's only a few pages.  I'm still waiting for one more book to arrive.


Jen said...

We are on the same wave length. My daughter and I were just talking about this very same thing this evening. She's struggling with fractions and we talked about getting a tutor or one of these workbooks to help her. I'm afraid if she doesn't catch on to this concept, she'll struggle with Algebra. Anyway, thanks for the heads up on where to look for these workbooks at such a cheap price. I'm all about deals.

Corinne Ritz said...

YAY! I always buy workbooks every Summer! Thanks for the tip on saving me some $$$$!!!

Lene said...

I had never thought of using workbooks during the summer. We do sit down and read for 1 hour each day and the kidlets all have to write each day, but math workbooks would be a good addition to the routine.

Rory Baxter said...

We use those exact same workbooks! I found them several years ago at the Learning Palace in Salem. They are really well done, and have activities and things that challenge all the kids. They have been great for our Summer schedule.
I am thinking I am going to break Caiden's out early since he has finished all of the curriculum for this year. He has struggled with having too much time on his hands. May take him with me to find some newer ones to help him with things this summer.
Thanx for the awesome reminder about these. I usually have them tucked away, and then forget they are there. Will be good for all of us to keep the swing of things in motion during the Summer.

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