Monday, June 27, 2011

How it Starts

The dog jumps on my lap first thing in the morning.  She seeks me out; gets her paws on my chest and acts like she's going to kiss my face, but she knows that's forbidden--EWW  licky dog!  So, she just acts like she's going to do it.  She waits for the words, "[Xxx] will you let the dog out?"  On these words, she bolts from my lap and charges for the sliding door.

This is our routine every morning.   She knows I'll somehow get her needs met.  The dog trusts me.

And so the day begins....


LeAnn said...

Wow, your dog sounds just like mine. We have two small dogs and the one thinks nothing of just jumping up on my chest and he whines until I finally get up and take care of him. Dogs have such fun personalities and we enjoy them both. The male dog is very spunky and the female dog is very relaxed. It's a fun contrast.
Love the picture.

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