Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More on My Heart

Yesterday was a really BAD day heart-wise. I think I could have pushed the button every ten minutes or so. I thought I was just having panic attacks, so I pushed the button once in the morning and just dealt with it the rest of the day.

I pushed it again right before bed.

This morning, I called it in.

I woke feeling like I was walking on a precipice (and I'm just laying in bed, laying very still--kind of afraid to move, to be honest). I felt like if I moved, I would tip the balance and my heart would start going crazy again. I felt weak in my chest and shoulders. Darned panic attacks.

About five minutes after I transmitted last night's info, I decided to call them again and ask some questions. I got a really nice guy named Eric. He looked up my info and we joked around about living in "Aloha, Oregon." He said, "Man, now there's an opposite for you." I agreed and said, "Yup. I live in an oxymoron, or maybe we're just REALLY optimistic."

I asked about how the system works. Eric told me that all my heart's info is stored in the little box I wear. It's programmed to detect certain information. When I push the button it just shows that I felt it. He told me to transmit what's there now, but I assured him that I hadn't pushed the button. He told me that was okay; we'd just see if there was anything there. "But," I interrupted, "I just transmitted five minutes ago." "That's okay."

So, I pushed the transmit button, and sure enough, the modem sound started up and went on for a few seconds.

Eric came back on the phone, "Yup. There's something there, and I've got it."

Yikes! Panic attacks? Maybe not.

I've now pushed the button twice this morning since, and I'm pushing it again right now.

What is up?!

I'm not sharing this to be a whiner. I just really hope that if there's anyone having similar problems, or if you find yourself in this kind of situation in the future, you'll learn from my mistakes.


Crazymamaof6 said...

Totally not fun. Hang in there. I hope they figure it out soon.

Janiece said...

-My dear friend,
hang in there...
I am glad you were able to visit with Eric.
How much longer do you wear the machine?
and quit being so hard on yourself./

Lena Baron said...

I feel for you!!! First, heart things are REALLY scary!! Second, I feel for you because I too am struggling with complicated and confusing health issues and it can really take its toll. Sometimes clear answers are all I pray for. Not necessarily "Make me well, just help me figure this out so I can heal!" Thoughts and prayers for you from me! Take Care!

Rory Baxter said...

So glad that you have extra help to keep things monitored! What a blessing of technology. Hopefully having someone there to talk to is helping to know that you arent alone in this anymore. I know it is very frustrating to know stuff is going on, but not exactly what yet, though. It has been that way for me too. Know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. This too, will be for your good, somehow. Keep doing what you are doing. Dont give up, keep pushing that button, no matter how many times a day. You will get the answers you need. Guidance will come. Love Ya, Friend!

Angela said...

Since you checked out my blog, I checked out yours. I'm so sorry to hear about your heart problems! I hope things get figured out. We are trying to rule out heart problems with my soon to be 1 year old since he stops breathing occasionally! It is scary stuff! I'll pray for you!


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