Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And So the Begging Begins

I was reading in Jacob chapter 4 the other day, and it said something about not counseling the Lord. I stopped reading and turned to Z and asked him what the difference was between counseling and petitioning the Lord. He told me that counseling was more like telling the Lord what to do and petitioning is asking that He grant a request and stating your reasons taking into account His will--counseling being prideful and petitioning being humble.

So, starting last night, I began putting my petition out there. The bedroom's all set. One last trip through the bins of baby clothes; larger ones stored away. Blankets folded and nicely organized under the bassinet. Package of newborn diapers placed so they are easily accessible. In the bag of unfinished projects lie only two things--a hello kitty backpack that Q was given by one of my Japanese students when she was tiny that needs a new strap and the silky/fuzzy blanket that I tried to sew the other day and decided I will need a quilting frame for (we've been unsuccessful finding one; if anyone close by has one we could borrow for a day, we'd be grateful).

I really don't feel that I'm being impatient. I've been impatient every time before this; just plain selfishly wanting to get the baby out. But this time, I'd really love to have her when my whole crew is in town--Q leaves for a two-night camping trip tomorrow evening, Girls' Camp the next week (Tuesday through Saturday) and then G will be gone Monday through Saturday of the next week. This pregnancy has gone by fast, but I guess I just wanted Him to know that I'm ready any time. Bring it on.


Grace said...

Julie it sounds like you are set and ready to go no matter what...and you sound like you are nesting too. less than 3 weeks till you due date, I don't blame you for wanting that little girl here right now!

Alyson said...

I remember those prayers! I remember them.

And I remember on the second or third real contraction saying, "I can't believe I prayed for this to happen." And then, sort of half-heartedly, praying for it not to happen. "Nevermind!" I say, in a half-prayer, "I'll just be pregnant forever!"

I am so excited for you, and wish you—and Lachlan—all the best!

Anonymous said...

this is such a wonderful post Julie!

Quawana said...

aww Julie what an exciting time, really. Hey I have one of those Quick snap, or some such name, quilt frames. It is made from heavy pvc pipe. You are welcome to borrow for a couple days if you want.

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