Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whose Body is This Really?

Q had a soccer tournament today. There were two games. In between the games, I got to go to lunch with my dad at Red Lobster, and we went and took flowers to my mom's grave together. It was so great to be with him. It is so rare that we get to be alone together. It was a real treat!

My best friend from high school comes to visit from Montana tomorrow, and I'm super excited! After the soccer games, I took a bit of a nap and then helped the kids get their jobs done around the house. A and T share a room. Everyday at naptime, T trashes the room. Because it's so hard to get a two-year-old to do his part in the clean up, I frequently take pity on A. This evening, A and I turned on some peppy music and started in. The room was worse than ever before. T had emptied the bookshelf and all the clothes all over the floor. A did most of the work, while I played overseer, but it looked great when we were finished.

Z made dinner, so as soon as we were done, and got the upstairs hallway cleaned up, we headed down to dinner.

When I got up from the table after dinner, I could hardly walk. What a total surprise! I didn't know anything was going on. My back has been a real trial this pregnancy. I realized that I'd done too much. Who woulda thought the overseer job would have been that taxing. To be honest, I sat on the floor for part of the time helping get the hallway done. Anyway, I came straight up to bed. I can't even get changed into jammies tonight. Sigh. I'm just hoping I'll be able to get there and do my nursery gig tomorrow. This getting old thing really stinks. But, I'm really getting more and more excited to get my old body back. Yippee!!!


Alyson said...

Aw, bless your little heart. And your little back! Just a few more weeks.

CB said...

You can sure get alot done in a day!

Keep have alot of energy - Way to go!

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