Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You'll Shoot Yur Eye Out...or something like that

Never a dull moment around here.

Took T to urgent care last night. He was on the receiving end of a poor frisbee (more like one of those ring-type frisbee's) throw. Caught it right in the eyeball. Way to take one for the team, huh?

First thing you want to do in a case like that is blame someone for doing something dumb, but it was all just a really innocent accident. But UGH!

Left home (right after I'd returned from my dr.'s appt.) around 6:30--after calling Beaverton Kaiser and going across the river to Kaiser Interstate just to have them send us to Doernbecher. What an adventure! Think I could haul my body anywhere else at this point?

Took a stop at Taco Bell for some very hungry kids (one of which was kicking me from inside)around 11pm and arrived home by 11:30.

I had G with me, who was a HUGE help (T says, "Dannon, you my best brudder."), and man, after all that, I would agree. Don't know what I'd do without the boy.

So, now the fun of putting drops into that eye every six hours. They gave me a really cool tactic for doing it, though, and it's worked like a charm so far.

So, no cool pirate-esque eye patch or anything like that, but it was nice to see that he could still see out of it by the time we left last night. We also got to see all the scratches on his cornea with this dye stuff and a black light. G asked me on the way to Doernbecher if they were going to pop his eye out to look at it. Ahh. Wouldn't expect anyting different from a boy, would you?


Darilyn said...

Poor thing and poor you.

Unknown said...

Poor baby-- but still smiling. :o)

Alyson said...

Way to go Dannon, being a great brother! :D

Mack went through a G=D phase, too. I remember once when we were hiking along a river bed which had a 4-foot drop (which must have looked huge to a 2YO) and he said, "Mine dosh duys, we die down dere!" My gosh guys... heh, if he'd had a sib that started with G they would gotten the same treatment.

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