Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Deets on the Gala

I don't really have words to describe the experience of last night.  It was simply delightful.  Dinner was delicious.  The company was wonderful.  Surprisingly, I felt extremely comfortable the entire night.  I anticipated a great deal of nervousness, but even when my shoe came off as I climbed the first step up onto the stage as they were introducing me, I was at ease (you know there HAD to be something, right?  It's just part of being me).

Here is the biographical sketch for your perusal.  Funny thing is, I don't know if they really read this or if they cut things out.  We were to climb two stairs and stop there and turn to look at the audience--seems like I stood there FOREVER.  That entire time is such a blur (tender mercy?).  Maybe that's why I was so at ease.  I hadn't a clue as to what was going on around me.  So, here it is...

"Julie Hess, of Beaverton, Oregon, is the daughter of Ray and Ruth Hamm, and wife of 18 years to *** a principal in the Beaverton School District. She is only a few classes away from earning her Bachelor of General Studies with a focus in Family Living through Brigham Young University.

"She authors “Hesses Madhouse,” a blog and online memoir of her life as mother to three daughters: ***, 17; ***, 13;  ***, 20 months; and four sons: ***, 15; ***, 11; ***, 8; and ***, 4. She would describe this blog as her “outlet”... [Her husband] says, “It’s where Julie goes to spill her guts.” It is also where she shares her latest crock-pot recipes and coupon finds since, with 7 children, both have proven to make life a little more manageable.

"In high school, Julie was informed by a friend that “not everything in life is a joke.” This was news to her, as she tends to find the fun and funny in everything.

"In her early 20’s, Julie served an LDS mission to northern Japan where she learned to love the Japanese people and their culture. Wanting to share that same opportunity to experience living in a foreign country with others, as newlyweds, she and [her husband] hosted several exchange students.

"During that time, Julie taught English as a second language to college students studying in the United States. She also enjoyed guiding groups of foreign students on tours of the Portland area.

"She can very often be found piloting the family’s enormous van, “The Beast”, or “Hessmobile” around town as she makes sure the aforementioned brood and typically, several of their friends, get to where they need to be. At least monthly, the Hess family plays host to those many passengers with a pizza party!

"Julie has a passion for volunteering. She has enjoyed such service opportunities as being a Girl Scout leader as well as a Cub Scout leader, teaching all ages at church, as well as leading music and assisting with the young women there.  She has spent weeks of her summer vacations at Girls’ Camp as well as Girl Scout and Cub Scout day camp.  She has been a speaker at various youth conferences and activities.  

"Currently she serves on her boys’ Cub Scout committee and heads up the children’s organization at church as well as helping at her kids’ schools. Each week, fifth grade math and second grade reading students benefit from the extra, one on one help she is able to give them. She also has enjoyed working in the cafeteria at the middle school and assisting with special events and being involved in her children’s sports activities.

"When given her choice of family activities, Julie loves to hike the trails of the Columbia River Gorge. Her children are happy to oblige, knowing that there will be burgers and fries in Cascade Locks at the end of the day.

"Julie’s mom passed away in 1999 after a year-long battle with cancer. Julie treasured those last months that allowed her to follow her mother’s example of compassion and service by tending to her during that time. Ruth Hamm was Julie’s greatest example of motherhood. From her mother, Julie gained a passion for family.

"Because of photos and items that her mother kept, Julie has become involved with helping restore some of the history of the northwest with the Spokane Valley Heritage Museum in Spokane, Washington.

"Julie feels that the greatest gift she can offer her children is to teach them the skills to make the transition from closely-nurtured babyhood through semi-independent adolescence and on to being fully capable adults during the time she is guiding them. Julie loves having the privilege of being their mother."

So, there it is.   I have to admit I was a bit awestruck by the greatness that surrounded me.  It was a wonderful night.

The photos on the side are those that were shown in the slideshow as the bio was read.


Alyson said...

Wow, what a fantastic bio! Did you write it? It turned out wonderfully. It sounds like a wonderful night!

Darilyn said...

That is lovely, and I love your dress and your hair and I'm so happy the evening went well!

Hesses Madhouse said...

I wrote it, but I didn't write it. I had a few friends proofread the mess I started with and one of them ended up with this.

Janiece said...

Your bio is wonderful, and no matter who wrote it it is about you!
You looked beautiful.

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