Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I've decided to join a blogging party.  You should join me.  Here is the link to the main party.

For those visiting from the party, here's what I'm all about...

I'm mom to seven and have a great husband who is a middle school principal--it fits him.  He's always keeping us laughing around here. I'm just a mom trying to get through every day and trying to do it better than I did it yesterday.

I share all kinds of things here, but it all adds up to whatever happens to be on my mind.

My motive is to make this a place where you can ponder and laugh.

I have known lots of moms that I would just love to follow around for a day and learn from them.  I do this as a blogger.  I love when people share their lives, and therefore, give me something new to add to my own life and way of doing things.  I love to read about others on their blogs, and I always comment when I do.  You'll always know where I've been.  My life is richer because of the friends I've made through blogging.

For now, we're in the midst of track season with three kids and spring soccer with two.  I have a preschooler, who goes to school four days of the week and a 21-month-old that I get to hang out with everyday.  I am no longer a young mom, but I get to pretend because of her.  She helps me stay young.  I adore my teenagers.  I've never believed what people have said about teenagers, and now I'm very glad for that.  They are a BLAST!  I'd take a million of them if I could.

So, life is never dull.  There's always something to blog about.


Michelle Wilson said...

Julie- Thank you for the post you left on my blog

I'd like to talk more with you in the future about using your story in my book. I think you have an interesting perspective and a great way of writing. Is there a personal email that I can use to contact you?



Krista said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for visiting! I haven't gotten out much yet... maybe tomorrow! ;)
I really LOVE the picture you have in your heading. It's precious!
I see you're from Aloha... I went to school at George Fox and my hubby's grandparents still live there. Some days I miss rainy Oregon, other days I don't! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
thx for stopping by!!!
I cant believe you have 7 kids!!! OMGEEE you are so blessed!!! I have a little one, and want 2 more! Cant see myself "carrying" 7 kids but would love to have 7 kids! Its probably so much fun! ;o) i love being a mom! it was nice to meet you! xoxo

Katie Orr said...

Beautiful family! Thanks for visiting Do Not Depart.
Looking forward to reading more of your blog! Encouraged to hear that your enjoy your teenagers, I look forward to those days.

vaxhacker said...

Looks like a fun way to meet new friends! It's nice to see they have a category for blogging dads as well :)

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