Saturday, April 2, 2011

LDS Church Japan eathquake press conference

Just checked in on the Sendai Mission website and found all kinds of links in regard to what's happening in that part of the world.

I love how Jeffrey R. Holland is a no-nonsense kind of guy--very open and warm.

As I watched this, I got to thinking about the earthquake in Chile last year.  We had a young man from our ward in the city of the epicenter.  After his mission, he and his family came over and did a Family Home Evening for our family and showed us a slideshow.

One thing he shared was that just prior to the earthquake, the mission president's wife had contacted all of the missionaries and asked them to do some very specific things as far as emergency preparation was concerned.  What an inspired woman!  When the quake hit, all missionaries were prepared to care for their own needs.


Jen said...

I LOVE Elder Holland, too. I so look forward to his conference talks. He is an uplift. I had the privilege of working with him when I worked at the Church Offices years ago. He was a 70 back then and was a counselor to Elder John H. Groberg whom I worked for. It was such a blessing to be in all of their presence. I miss that daily uplift.

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