Thursday, June 9, 2011


Okay, so this doesn't bother my husband, but it does me, and I just need to get it off my chest.

One of my children played soccer in the spring.  My kids LOVE soccer.  I enjoy watching them play soccer, so it's all very symbiotic, right?

Well, this child's coach asked to have him play on his summer league team.  We've never done that before, but the coach said that since my son is a good player, he'd like to have him on the team.  He explained that there would be tournaments.  We, right up front, explained that we would not be playing on Sundays, but we'd be more than happy to do Saturdays and all the practices that were possible--considering it's summer.  He agreed.  We agreed.  All's happy, right?

So, the coach approaches my husband after the second practice and says, "You probably noticed that I put xxx on the B team." 

The Warden:  "Well, no, I hadn't noticed.  I wasn't really watching."  Workaholic's working in his car.

Coach: "Well, that's not because he's not a good player.  Actually, ....  It's because he's not going to be playing on Sundays."

And away we go....

Should I just ease up and let it go?  I guess there's really not much I can do about it, and who really cares anyway.  I know my son doesn't.  I don't know.  Would this bother you, or am I just being overly sensitive?


vaxhacker said...

I can see it from the coach's point of view, if there's no reason that occurs to him not to play on Sundays, and so he doesn't see any moral dilemma, then your son is volunteering to give up the playing position which would be more prominent (and which is in the team's interests to be there on Sunday).

So no reason off the bat to take it as any kind of discrimination or persecution to do that to you.

But maybe you've just been handed an opportunity to teach your son about making some personal sacrifices to do what is right. And if it doesn't bother him, if he just gets to be happy playing soccer, then I really wouldn't worry about it either, just let him play soccer.

Rory Baxter said...

I dont know alot about soccer, or what the exact concern is. Way to go and kudos to you for standing up immediately for your values. It is a wonderful teaching moment about personal choices and doing what the Lord asks of us. If your mister is perfectly happy to play for fun, then support him all you can. You can even share with him that awesome story about the soccer player (I think Europe?) that was LDS, who refused to play college/pro soccer on Sundays AND he chose to leave it all to serve his mission. His choice made big changes in what happened where he played. They stopped playing games on Sundays and he got even more opportunities in his life in and out of soccer because of his choice to serve a mission and follow the Lord in all things. It is a great story, but maybe esp applies right now...Will see if I can remember where I heard/saw that - seems it was a general conference or stake conference talk...good luck with things!

Janiece said...

Your son doesn't care what team he is on...he is happy he is playing, and most important he knows that he is not breaking the sabbath.
Relax mom...
but for the record, I get like a Mamma Bear when I think my kids are being "put down".
Have a great weekend.

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