Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dear Santa....

I've been trying to be good this year. I've been doing better at not voicing my opinion when it's not been asked for, and I've been working on compassion and understanding; trying not to be too judgmental. I think I've learned to talk to my kids in a more productive way than before, and I'm really happy about this, but I know I could still work on a lot of things.

I could be a better wife--you know, more giving, more thoughtful. I need to take more opportunities to reach out to others outside of my home. I tend to obsess a lot about how to care for my house better. There just isn't time for all that needs to be done. I let this overwhelm and sidetrack me a lot. Wish there was a recipe for the magic required to do all that I want and need to do.

Santa, I need to be more like you. More aware of what people need in their lives. More giving; trying to meet those needs. I bet you're always happy. Who couldn't use more happiness? I think you've really got the key to that figured out.

So, here's my one problem, now that I've shared why I should be on the good list...

I don't have anything that I want for Christmas.

Thanks for always being good to me.


Tonya said...

Nothing for Christmas? Even a chocolate bar or a nice massage?

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