Monday, December 14, 2009


One thing that impressed me when I was first getting to know my husband was as I watched him referree some Young Men's basketball games on Saturday mornings. He was so encouraging, patient and positive as he dealt with them. I just loved this about him.

Over the years, as our own kids have entered sports, I have hoped Z would take on a coaching position. Although I have brought this idea up over and over again, he has turned it down saying he is too busy, which is true. He is not the kind of guy who commits part way; it's all or nothing.

Well, G has been on the same basketball team for years. They're a great group of boys and play very well together. Shortly after we got G signed up, we received an email stating that their coach, who just coached because he loved doing it (he had no son on the team), was having some family issues and wouldn't be able to coach this year. The league was trying to come up with a coach for the team.

Z started getting phone calls from parents asking him why he didn't step up to coach.

Well, need I say more? The peer pressure got to him. He's finally doing what I've wanted all these years. I'm sure he's going to be GREAT! I just can't wait to watch him in action!


Tonya said...

He will do great. And how fun for G:0)

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