Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Weather in My Own Little Bubble

I have spent most of my life in Portland, Oregon. I was born and raised here. I left for college and a mission, but other than that, I've lived a pretty isolated life. One thing I wonder is if, in other parts of the world, the meteorologists are right. Here, Z and I have a joke. Z says that our weatherman's name is "Yu Zhu Wi Wong." More often than not, our weather guys on the news are wrong. In the valley that we live, the weather is very changeable. I have a brother who lives in southern Utah. For him, the weather seems to nearly always be warm. Here, one day it's sunny, the next day it's pouring buckets. This is a major reason why my brother lives where he does.

Last winter, we had snow like I've never seen it before. Because of my upbringing, when the news said snow, I was cynical and told my kids to get ready to head to school the next day. Honestly, I can't remember a day last winter when the weatherman was wrong. I thought there was some freezing over happening in a very warm place, if you know what I mean. When snow was predicted, it actually snowed! Shock!

So, they started predicting snow and freezing rain (another question I have for those who live outside my little world you get freezing rain? Also, do you ever have "sun breaks?") the other day for last night. We've had atypically cold temperatures this past week. It's been 13 and 14 degrees out in the morning when I've gone to take my boys to school in the morning, but the sky has been beautiful, cloudless blue. Alas, last night, there was no snow or freezing rain. Tonight it was a bit sprinkly outside, but nothing snow-like or ice-like.

I'm now wondering if we've gone back to Mr. Wong's kind of weather. I'm not going to get my hopes up and start to trust the weatherman just because last year he actually got it right, but it sure would be nice to be able to rely on him.


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