Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Office Depot Deal

I'm going through printer ink like crazy. I've gotten so I print a lot of online coupons. Office Depot has a deal that if you turn in your empty cartridges, they give you a monetary reward which builds up over time. After a certain amount, they send you a gift card to use in their store.

Last week, I received $14.56 in the mail, so today, I turned in three empty printer cartridges toward my next gift card and bought two new black cartridges. Each cartridge was $12.99, so I really only bought part of one cartridge. YAY!!!


Tonya said...

I have done that deal before. It is nice. I need some new ink too. My black is kind of a medium gray right now. Not good for needing to print out a lot of Christmas letters.

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