Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hows About a Road Trip?

The very first post on this blog was a very boring one about some family photos I was scanning for a Christmas present for my siblings. Those photos have become a catalyst to another project.

Two weeks ago, I was busy cleaning the house when the phone rang. One of the kids brought me the phone saying, "It's Chuck from Washington." Huh? Sorry, don't know any Chuck's not even one from Washington, so I told that child to tell him I wasn't able to come to the phone. I was sure it was a sales call.

After hanging up, the same child came into the room and said, "He was calling from Spokane and wants to know about your grandfather." Huh? Strange. I never met my grandfather (either one), but they both lived in Spokane for at least part of their lives. I was intrigued, so I called Chuck back within the half hour.

We finally connected. Here's the scoop. Chuck is a volunteer for the Spokane Valley Historical Museum. My grandfather James Howard Stegner was a resident of the Spokane Valley from his earliest days. His family moved to Spokane the year before Washington became a state. He felt very connected to Spokane and in his later years, made his basement into a museum. That museum no longer exists, but I have photos of it.

When my mom passed away, I inherited a few of his artifacts and the family photographs. Somehow Chuck caught wind that I these things. Needless to say, he wants some of them for the museum. I'm thrilled!

While scanning the photos, a great desire to head up north to Spokane grew inside me. It has now been re-ignited. Here we are in the midst of cold weather, but I would LOVE to go up and see the museum. I have things I think they'd really like to have, and I'd like them to have them. Anybody want to take a drive--a long drive with me and L (at least)? Finally, something to ask for for Christmas. Is that a strange thing to ask for?
Notes: These are the photos I've already sent for the museum's use.
Top photo - the Stegner home in Trent, WA
Middle photo - inscription on back of photo. Joseph Stegner was my great grandfather.
Bottom photo - the store built and run by my great grandparents--Joseph Andrew and Matilda "May" Greenfield Johnson Stegner.


Tonya said...

That is so cool Julie! I've gotten in touch with two unknown relatives since doing my family history. It's really fun to make those connections. How neat that you have stuff that will be displayed in The Spokane Historical Museum. I wonder how Chuck-O-rama got your name?

Nikia, May and da kids said...

What a nice gesture to give your items to a museum. That's how legacies live on. Yet another confirmation of why genealogy work is so important. I hope you make it and have an enlightening experience to Spokane.


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