Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just Bumbling Along

Wow! Life has been a bit hectic lately. Most of the time, I'm grateful to say, one or maybe two kids have issues that overlap. Recently, it's been most of the kids having overlapping issues. I'm always surprised that I've survived yet another day with my last shred of sanity intact. Here are just a few of the crazy things that have been happening.

Our eldest just turned sixteen. She has a boy who is very interested in her. Ugh! Just a date or two would be nice not the steady stuff already. Thankfully, she has a good head on her shoulders, and so far is making the right decisions. Hope this continues.

G has been sick and home from school for a few days. Last trimester, he was sick for a few days with H1N1 and missed a lot of school stuff that came back to haunt him. We're trying desperately not to have that happen again. The great thing is that his teachers maintain a wonderful website that fills us in on what he's missed. We can even access his math textbook online.

DJ is the one saving grace at this point. She has been healthy and is very upbeat. She has been acting as my "net" as I've been jumping from trapeze to trapeze. Don't know what I'd do without her.

It's funny but there always seems to be one kid who's in the "parental role" phase of life. That would be B right now. I guess it just shows me that he's very aware of what the family rules are, so I guess he can't get away with breaking them any more.

A has had asthma problems again. He was in Doernbecher Children's Hospital back in September for a terrible asthma attack, which they say was aggravated by H1N1. Well, the same thing happened all over again this past Sunday only this time, his lips didn't turn gray before I got him to the emergency room. He was just released yesterday and is now home. He will be on an inhaler everyday for the rest of the winter. This is a new situation for us as, even with the three asthmatics we've had in this family, we've never had asthma hit this bad. He has been told to take it easy as far as exercise goes, so he won't even be able to go out for recess for at least the next week. On the way to the doctor this morning for our follow up, he told me how excited he was for his afternoon recess today. It was so hard to tell him it wasn't going to happen for him.

T had what appeared to be rotovirus, but they now immunize against that, so I'm not sure what else it could have been. Thanksfully, it was very short lived, but for a day it just added that extra dimension that I could have done without. Anything that doesn't kill us just makes us stronger, right? Darn! I'm feeling really strong about now. Maybe a vacation would be a good idea.

L has had a bit of a cold the past couple days. It's her first and having all of my other children born in fall and winter, I'm grateful that illness for her has held off to this age. She's handling it all well, but was a bit fussy for a few days.

In spite of all the trials, I feel very happy. I know that we're being watched over and helped through this all. Otherwise, I'm not sure how I would make it through. Life continues to be great. Just hope I'm doing it right.


Tonya said...

Holy yikes, Julie! I had no idea about Aedan. I'm glad he's doing better.

Darilyn said...

You have had your share of stuff going on that's for sure. I'm glad that the hospital stay is over and now hopefully you can all be under the same roof for awhile.

Crystal Escobar said...

Hey Julie, I just came across your cute blog somehow. Just trying to connect with other moms. I recently started a new blog for mom, hoping to gather advice and information from others as well as share my thoughts. Feel free to check it out and leave me comments of advice or opinions :)

Alyson said...

It sounds like—at least, I hope that—everyone is mending then? I hope everyone will get well soon, and stay well. :)

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