Thursday, January 20, 2011

What am I Doing?

Sitting here all ready to do some kind of post tonight, but I just realized that before I left for a meeting tonight, I was on the last chapter of The Named.  It's gotten kind of exciting.  So, the post will wait for tomorrow.  Btw, Inmate #3 has mono.  None of the rest of us are sick, and with her, you'd never know it.

Bought groceries today, "and there was much rejoicing...yay."

So glad it didn't come to this!


vaxhacker said...

Drat, I was afraid it would be mono. Poor girl, hope she feels better soon!

(and no kissing anyone. at least that's what I remember mono being called when we were kids, the "kissing disease")

You get +2 points for including a Monty Python clip, too. :)

Tonya said...


At least you know what's going on now.

Does she have to miss alot of school?

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