Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Be Still My Beating Heart

As I was just about to slip off into sleep last night, my heart did a funky thing.  I had two really quick palpitations.  It felt like two large items were passing through a small space.  It surprised me so much that I sat bolt upright and told the Warden what had happened.  I then rolled back over and went back to sleep because it didn't happen again, and I was exhausted.  I slept just fine, but this morning, I feel weird--feels kind of like the picture at the top looks.

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you might remember that I had heart problems when #7 was born  (thus the reason there won't be a #8).  I wore a heart monitor for a month at that point, but there were no problems at all.  I'd actually had the same problems during three other pregnancies but they were much, much worse with #7.  Those are the only issues my heart has ever had.  NO, I'm NOT PREGNANT.

I called and spoke with an advice nurse this morning.  I asked her to just tell me it was all in my head.  She asked if I was under any unusual stress.  HaHa!  She also mentioned how alcohol, caffeine, illicit drugs, etc. could cause such things.  I told her I was LDS, and I didn't have a problem with any of these this--except I did have a really good chocolate bar last night.  I'd like to mention--REALLY GOOD.  Good enough to cause heart issues?  She told me she was LDS too.  Funny how this brings an instant bond.  She also told me that she would message my doctor's office but that it was probably caused by stress.

So, for now, I'm laying low.  No pain, no real problems, just something strange.  I can't even put my finger on it.  I'm hoping a little rest'll bring it all back to normal.


Matt and Beth said...

Hi Julie! Glad to see that you found us and now I can follow your lovely family too!!

Deena said...

Just the other day, I was talking with a friend of mine who was having PSVT symptoms too. She went in and had an ECG done, along with some blood work. Everything came back normal, so it looks like she is in the clear.

Hopefully, yours will resolve itself too.

I had some symptoms myself a few years back. I found that exercising regularly and drinking a lot of water pretty much eliminated my symptoms altogether.

Keep us posted! Stay well!

(Maybe your heart is just all aflutter about the springtime blooms that are popping up all over, filling the neighborhoods with color!) : )

Jenny Carr said... sounds similar to my SVT lady. Mine worsened quickly with both pregnancies (which is why we have only 2 children). I woke up one day and had palpitations every time I stood to the ER - FINALLY they were able to monitor it....voila! SVT. They put me on a calcium channel blocker and offered the ablasion to be done. I opted for 1 pill a day - the thought of the ablation kinda freaked me out. I was on Diltiazem for about 4 years. Then my cardiologist wanted to take me off it. I now get "attacks" (where my heart goes from resting to 180 quickly) about 4 times a year. I convert it quickly by laying down and elevating my feet. Keep me posted on this - we certainly share something here. Wonder if you're "wired wrong" like me. ; )

LeAnn said...

Stress could be problem for sure. However, it is always best to check it out. We have a couple of sons with some interesting heart conditions that are not dangerous.
Your symptoms sound a little bit like theires. I am a nurse by profession and pray that all will be ok.
Blessings to you with prayers attached. LeAnn

Anonymous said...

That would be scary!
I have had heart palpitations that made me feel dizzy and weak.. and it was due to Hormones!
you dont have to answer.. but is this PMS time? Like 3 or 4 days before your period is supposed to start? that COULD be a reason.

this getting older junk is sometimes NO FUN at all.

hugs :)

Tonya said...

Scary Julie!

Maybe another girls night to help relieve some stress?

Thinking about you:)

Janiece said...

Please do not wait...
PLEASE have some blood work done and just show you know an EKG will not show a problem now...but the blood test will IF you do not wait to long. Ask for a protime blood test to make sure you are not having clots passing...
and then let me know how it goes.

Glad you are feeling better...but please don't wait.


I hope all is well. I had an issue like this once (except the unusual activity in my chest wouldn't stop)....I went to the ER and mine turned out to be an upper respiratory infection.

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