Saturday, April 9, 2011

Catch Phrase

One thing they ask each nominated mother to come up with for the gala is their parenting catch phrase.  Of course, it's supposed to be something sweet and wonderful, my good friend's is "I love you," but how come I can only come up with these:

"Go to your room."
"Because I said so."
"You did WHAT?"
"It's naptime!"
"Suck it up."
"Do as I say, not as I do."
"You'll shoot your eye out."

I've got to come up with something better than these.


Of course you know I'm kidding. My mom's would have been "Say a little prayer." My dad's is "Act as if." To explain this one, it means if you don't really feel the way you should about something, act as if you do.

My kids came up with the ideas above while we were in the car today. It was pretty funny to hear them come up with all of these obnoxious things that parents say. Those listed are only a few of them.

This is just a fun thing to think about.


Lena Baron said...

Don't worry, I heard my six year old echo me today. He was saying to himself, "I sure as Heck better not do that!" NICE! Well, at least I'm getting through to him, right?;) I'm sure you'll come up with your "loving" catch phrase. Good Luck and let us know what it is when you find it. Someday, I hope my kids will remember me saying,"Be Your Best Self!" Someday...

Alida B. said...

How about...

Remember who you are?
Return with honor?
Choose the right?!


P.S. I just have to say that my word verification for me to post this comment is TOGYWAR lol! Like TUG OF WAR?! Maybe I'm just laughing because it's 2am but I seriously find that HILARIOUS!

Julia Shinkle said...

Julie, I would ask each of your kids how they know that you love them. Besides that standard "I love you". What else does Mom say to you that let's you know the she loves you. Even if you don't use anything they say it might be fun to know the answer. Good luck!

John said...

I love it. those are the things my kids and hubby would come up with and what I would really want to use. :)

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