Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Price of Virtue

I just woke from a very strange dream.  In it, there were some nasty-looking guys.  They had one of my daughters by the arm and told me they were going to take her and do whatever they wanted with her.  If I didn't let them, they were going to kill her. 

Asking my permission?  Weird, but nonetheless, I guess that's what they were doing.  It was a dream, right?  So, I ask you, what would you do?

I woke up thinking about Brooke Wilberger.  One thing that the rapist/murderer reported was that she fought like crazy to resist his raping her.  Breaks my heart.  This girl knew the value of her virtue when a good part of the world SO doesn't get it.

So, I ask again, what would you do?


vaxhacker said...

What would I do? I would demand they release her and put up the biggest fight I could. Because I'd rather she die than be victimized that way? NO! I'd rather have her as safe and secure as possible, and help her heal and recover from whatever ended up happening.


My take is that anyone asking permission "or else" is doing it just to add trauma to you both, transfer blame, or as part of their own power trip. They are responsible for everything they're doing, have already taken a position of power, and will probably do whatever they want anyway, regardless of what you say. Including having their way and still killing their victim. I wouldn't trust or negotiate with anyone in that position.


That's easy to say while typing this from the security of my office knowing my kids are safe and out of danger at the moment. How would any of us handle it if we were really in that situation?

Not at all an easy question to answer.

Darilyn said...

Thanks for the reminder. It's good to see Brooke's face and be reminded of what we have and that it's worth a fight to keep. Whether that be our bodies, our minds, our integrity, we have so much.

Tonya said...

I would talk to my daughter about my dream and have a good, long talk about being in the right places, having the right friends and being vigilant and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

I would tell her that I wasn't trying to freak her out, but that I had this dream and that I felt the need to take it somewhat seriously~ and if nothing else, then to use it as a reason to reflect and remind. Out of love and concern.

I know you've had warning dreams in the past.

Corinne Ritz said...

The Brooke Willberger story breaks my heart! I've met some her family and friends. Her mom is so strong and amazing. Her sweet dad lets the mom do all the talking in press conferences etc because he just can't handle it emotionally.

What would a father do? My dad has 5 daughters and he secretly tells us all that we are his favorite. I cannot imagine how something like this would affect him!

I have one daughter and 4 sons, and our little princess at 10 years old holds a secret special place in her daddy's heart. Watching other daddy daughter relationships makes me ache for Brooke's dad, and how helpless he has felt as he has had to listen to what happened to her.

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