Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Girl.... 22 months old today.

I honestly chased her all over the house to get one photo of her.  This is the best I could do today.

She is a JOY! She's at the point where everyday has new words, or at least new words that I can understand and thus translate for the rest of the world.

Today, the word was "Ruum ruum." This means "car."
Yesterday, the word was "Hannies," which translates to "hands."
I truly love this age.

She still takes two naps a day, which is a total blessing considering I'm trying to get schoolwork done during the day. She has her favorite blanket, which, by the way, is known as a "Didi." She likes fuzzy blankets. My other kids, all but one, were into silky things. She is a thumb sucker, but only when she goes to sleep.  If you put her didi on your shoulder, she'll snuggle right into your neck, suck her thumb and be content there for a good long time.

She runs. She loves our dog and tells her to "Mom. Mom," which means "Come. Come." She slaps her thighs as she says this.

She'll walk into the bathroom and say, "Potty.  Potty."   I've put her on the potty twice, but she really doesn't have a clue what that's all about yet.

I've been thankful for #3's orthodontia and the need for rubberbands that are just the perfect size for pigtails for #7.

Please ("peeze") and "dit-du" (thank you) are big parts of her vocabulary, and it seems that she knows just when to use them.  Yay!

She also knows how to open the front door if the deadbolt isn't set.

Yesterday, while we were making cookies--she, #6 and two of #6's bubs--#6 had put a chair in front of the sink so the boys could wash their hands.  She climbed on the chair while I was getting ingredients out of the cupboard, reached across the sink (feet leaving the chair), and turned on the water.  She then proceeded to wash her hands--thus "hannies, hannies" being yesterday's word of the day.  That's what she said as she washed.

Two days ago, she somehow stripped #2's bed down to the mattress, climbed up on it--it's pretty high off the ground, and fell asleep right in the middle of it.  We were all pretty surprised.  #2 was pretty disappointed that he was going to have to figure out how to move the sleeping girl without waking her up and remake his bed entirely before climbing into it.

She's a character and is just starting to get into EVERYTHING...and away we go!

This, by the way, is my 900th post!


vaxhacker said...

Wow, she's growing up too fast already! And she's a busy girl with places to go and things to do, good luck keeping up with her.

Congratulations on post #900, too. I really need to get back in the habit of writing in mine more often. (NO, I don't need a 2yo to give me things to write about! Teens are a lot like having toddlers, though, some days...)

Christy said...

She is a character and so fun to be around! I just love her because no matter how I'm feeling when I see her I can't help but smile :)
900 posts, huh? WOW! What are you going to do when you hit 1000? Need to think of something fun to do when you reach that point!

Lia London, author said...

Love the picture! She LOOKS like she's been chased all over the house and is quite through with that game, thank you very much!

You're an amazing mom, Jules!

Unknown said...

Cute, so cute. And Congrats on the 900th...

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