Friday, April 22, 2011


You know how a few posts ago I mentioned how we do things around here and how things get turned topsy-turvy from time to time when someone's schedule changes?  Well, #1 had a zero period class last trimester--weight lifting, which we all got a good laugh over with out little svelte girl.

I mean, I know that weight-bearing exercise is good, but it was just funny to have her come home from school everyday telling us how much she "benched" that day.  We teased her that this was her future:

Anyway, zero period starts at 6:30am.  This was our family scripture time.  With early morning weight-lifting taking priority (Ugh!), we had a very difficult time getting back on top of things.  We would half-heartedly get together for scriptures a couple days a week.  It was frustrating.

Although that trimester ended awhile ago, it's been really hard to get ourselves back on track.  We have been feeling a need to get back with it, and today was our first day of working it out successfully!

At 6:30 this morning, we called all the kids to a "come as you are" party in the Warden's and my bedroom.  We cleaned it beautifully last night, so it would be ready for this occasion.  The kids dragged themselves down hallways and down and up stairs still in their pajamas and wrapped in blankets.  They were each handed a Book of Mormon (we purchased the hard back cheap versions from Deseret Book and had first names embossed on each a number of years ago) as they found a seat on the floor or on the bed.

The scriptures are housed in a basket that usually resides in our front room.  All of the copies fit perfectly in this basket. 

The basket was also brought to our bedroom last night in preparation for this morning.

We read a chapter--each of us read two verses.  We ended with family prayer.

When we were done, there was such an immense feeling of satisfaction.  We had done it!

So, here's the thing....The last child to arrive this morning gets to host tomorrow's family scripture study.  #1's the winner!  She just announced that her room is a disaster area.  What a wonderful opportunity for her to get it together!  Heh heh -- can you hear the evil twinge in my voice?


Lena Baron said...

Fabulous Ideas all around! Love the individual hardback BOM's, the basket, the bedroom gathering, and the hosting. LOVE IT! I'll try to remember it down the road. Congratulations! Keep it up!

Julia Shinkle said...

Ok Julie I have a deal for you...I'm motivate you to workout and you motivate me to get my family on track with the family scripture study. I love everything you said and think it is a great plan!

John said...

I can totally hear the evil twinge in your voice and I love it! Good idea.

Alyson said...

We start our family scripture study at 6:30 also, and it is sacred. I would be really cranky if one of the kids scheduled anything at that time. You're a more understanding mom than me! My kids are all in zero hour seminary, but luckily, luckily that doesn't start until 7:20 am.

Hesses Madhouse said...

We didn't really have much choice, Alyson. They upped the graduation requirements the year Q started high school, so if she's going to have seminary, she has to take a couple zero period classes. We don't have early morning seminary here. Regular school starts at 7:40am. So, there you have it. We all sacrifice so the kids can go to seminary. It's all good.

Corinne Ritz said...

All of that is Brillian!!! I love the idea's. We've tried different things for our family scripture time - some of have worked better than others. I think this might work for us!

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