Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where Are We Going?

We got back from the allergist today, I picked up T from my friend's house, and got him and L home to take naps. I read them a story and got them down. As I was putting L in her crib, the little alarm on my Blackberry went off. I thought, "What is that for?" I didn't realize I had anything going on this afternoon.

After getting L down, I went to my purse and found that it was a reminder to go pick up our family pictures. Ugh! I had already rescheduled it once, so I had to go. There really was no choice.

I went and got T up and threw L back in her carseat, and we were off. As I drove, I thought, "What was I thinking scheduling it for 1:30 in the afternoon?!"

I could just picture this being a total zoo with two very tired children, so I started prepping T for what lay ahead. I told him we were going to the place where we'd been as a family to get our pictures taken and that he was going to have to sit next to me and be very quiet. His question, "But, can I play?" Oh no. I was in trouble. He just wasn't getting it.

As we got closer, I asked him, "Now, T, where are we going?"

His answer from the backseat was one word.....



Darilyn said...

What a perfect answer. I feel like that most days.

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